Erin Hill Acres

Our Story

Our family’s farming roots run 7 generations deep here in Ontario. Though members of the family arrived in Canada in the late 1700’s; it was John Kennedy that started farming around 1870. That 100 acre farm was in Dixie, Ontario (now Mississauga) and remained in the family and operational until the 1960’s. Since then the family tree has blossomed with Erin Hill Acres as the newest family farm owned and operated by some of John’s kin.

Erin Hill Acres is owned and operated by a multi-generation family team.

The family purchased the farm (Formerly known as Wintersinger Christmas tree farm) in 2021. Extensive refurbishments and farm development projects began immediately. 

“We instantly fell in love with this farm and knew it would be a great place for family and friends to gather. Not just at Christmas but throughout the year.

Welcome to our farm… Welcome to our family.”


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