The farm is open June 16th to December 22nd, Thursday to Sunday from 9am to 5pm


Lavender Field

A trip to Erin Hill Acres is like medicine for the mind, heart and the soul, especially in lavender season. Breathe in the calming and fragrant scent of our lavender field and become mesmerized by the deeply coloured violet blue flowers. We grow multiple cultivars of lavender, a vibrant variety that, when in bloom is a site to see and a perfect backdrop for your photos.

Lavender plants are mounds of gray-green foliage. When spring arrives and the fields come to life, our plants begin to take on a crown like shape. The buds become blooms and the show begins. You can savour this natural phenonemon all year long by purchasing some of our lavender products. This includes, oils, soaps, candles, linen sprays and more. These are available in the barn or here online.

The rows of lavender at Erin Hill Acres draw you towards the heart of the farm and leads you to a unique feature in the field.  An historic grain silo acquired from Hillsburgh Feed & Supply proudly sits at the crest of a hill. The silo is surrounded by a lavender crop circle design. Grosso, Munstead, Provence and English Hidcote are grown here. Close your eyes for a moment, hear the chirping of the birds. Take a deep breath and smell the fresh air intertwined with scents of lavender. This place is soothing, but don’t fall asleep, you won’t want to miss a picture here.  The grain silo is said to have come from an unknown farm about 60 years ago, somewhere on our road. We like to think the silo has come home. We hope that you will experience a similar feeling every time you visit us here at Erin Hill Acres.

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Looking for the perfect selfie or family photo op? Our beautiful 90-acre photo studio awaits. Picture the smiling faces as your family and friends enjoy our fresh air, rolling hills, rows of evergreen trees, lavender fields, sunny meadows and shaded forests..

We have a few fun and creative scenes “set up” throughout the farm that are available to use with the cost of admission. Or if you prefer, you can book a session with one of our professional photographers.  This gains you access to premium photo opportunities that are staged in the upper barn and select locations on the farm. Our bright red, classic 1952 Mercury pickup truck is just one of the special sets.

If you are a photographer interested in using our facilities for your sessions, we welcome collaborations. Click on "Book Your Visit" to schedule a timeslot.

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Children's Play Area

Fresh Christmas Trees

In our opinion, a natural Christmas tree from Erin Hill Acres is the best choice. The fragrance, the textures and the beauty of a natural tree simply can’t be beat. A real Christmas tree means… it really is Christmas. This farm has grown the most stunning Christmas trees in Wellington County and has supplied them to families and businesses throughout Toronto and Southern Ontario since 1985. At Erin Hill Acres we continue to grow the beloved “Wintersinger Christmas trees”.

This holiday season we are offering two options for your Christmas Tree selection experience.


Following Covid safety protocols, access to the farm is open to : first come, first serve.  We welcome guests to experience a Choose & Cut Christmas tree adventure.

Hop on and off one of our tractor drawn passenger wagons as it makes its way safely through the fields and forests. Or take to foot and trudge throughout our 90-acre farm. Fresh air, fun and scenic views are all part of the experience at Erin Hill Acres. Bundle up and wear appropriate footwear so that you can fully embrace and enjoy our winter weather.

Searching for the perfect tree is a fun adventure for the entire family. Some might say it is like a treasure hunt. Will you select the first tree you see?  Or is the last one the treasured tree you will take home to enjoy this holiday season?

We provide each group with a hand saw to use to cut down the tree. Please cut only the tree(s) what you want to purchase.


Looking for a fresh natural Christmas tree and just want a little touch of the country? This year we are making our pre-cut trees more convenient than ever before. Our winter wonderland pre-cut area is near the barn and close to the parking lot.  Here you will find an assortment of beautiful farm fresh trees displayed naturally as if they were growing in the field. Walk around the trees to inspect all sides and when you find the perfect tree, one of our friendly staff will help you “pick it” from the ground for you.

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The Barn

We are very excited about our new retail space located in the renovated 150 year old barn. In a past life the space was used to house livestock. More recently it was the site of the Wintersinger’s tool & mechanic shop. Today, it is the Erin Hill Acres shop simply named THE SHOPPE. The product selection is evolving, and the shop will be open at various times throughout the year.

During the Christmas season you will find greenery such as wreaths, boughs and garland as well as locally made, hand crafted goods and decor items.

A variety of fresh from the farm lavender products are readily available to purchase in person or online.

When the farm is open to the public and on select dates, tasty food, drinks and treats will be ready for you when you get here.

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Sunflower Field

We planted  8 varieties this year. Stay tuned for more information on the field,

  • Giganteus Sunflower
  • Pro-cut Orange Sunflower
  • Solar Sunflower
  • Vincent Fresh Sunflower
  • Autumn Beauty Mix Sunflower
  • Bert Sunflower
  • Copper Queen Sunflower
  • Early Russian Sunflower

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Seasonal Activities and Attractions

Fresh Products

Finding fresh products is one of the main reasons people look for farms to visit in Ontario…

Lavender, Chrismtas Trees, Photo Ops “Near me”

Stop looking for “tree farms near me” and “lavender farms near me” today, visit Erin Hill Acres and enjoy a day full of fresh air, fantastic photo-ops and relaxation. Erin Hill Acres is the place for creating wonderful memories with your family and friends.

We’d love to be part of your new and continuing traditions. Contact us for more information on how to visit our picturesque farm.

Fresh Air Experience