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Christmas Related Products and Events

Christmas Related Products and Events

Christmas is a season of joy and celebration. With the crisp smell of pine trees and the sound of bells ringing, there is no better holiday for festivities.

Planning for Christmas is a big to-do for many. Are you preparing for the coming holiday season? Erin Hill Acres offers a variety of Christmas-themed products that will make celebrating more convenient for you.

Christmas Products

Are you looking for a unique gift idea? Searching for holiday ornaments and décor items? There are plenty of options to choose from! From fresh products to handcrafted items by local artisans near Toronto, celebrating will truly be more exciting and meaningful.

Items vary every year. However, here are a few products you can consider:

Christmas Home Décor Items

Nothing makes the holidays better than a home decked out with the most festive decors. From wreaths and stockings to real Christmas decorations, you can fill your home with a lot of holiday cheer.

Christmas Trees

The most essential Christmas décor there is. Whether big or small, the feeling and fragrance of a real tree in your home are what bring the Christmas spirit to life.

Visit a tree farm like Erin Hill Acres to get the perfect tree for your home!


Make your tree and garlands more cheerful with colorful Christmas ornaments. Many people collect ornaments over the years. This is the perfect time to display them or get some more to add to your collection.

Real Christmas Wreaths

Aside from fresh trees, real wreaths make your home feel more like Christmas. Aside from looking and smelling more luxurious, fresh wreaths are a more sustainable décor option.

Check out our available Christmas wreaths made from fresh greens cut daily from our farm near Toronto!

Christmas Centerpieces

With all the holiday meals you will be sharing with family and friends, a festive centerpiece helps pull a spread together. From fresh greenery to candles, these Christmas decoration products will make any celebration more memorable.

Christmas Event Ideas

The holiday season is full of activities and events all around Toronto. From Christmas parties to holiday meals, there are a lot of festivities to look forward to.

One Christmas event families are excited about is picking out their Christmas tree! Going to a Christmas tree farm like Erin Hill Acres and hunting down the perfect tree for your home is a great way to spend the holidays.

Aside from picking out your tree, you can also enjoy doing your holiday photos at the farm! The vast Christmas tree field is the perfect backdrop for your annual holiday cards.

Christmas Greenery and Other Products at Erin Hill Acres

Make the holiday season a memorable one with the best Christmas products and event ideas! From large Christmas wreaths outdoors and decorative planters made on-site, Erin Hill Acres has something to offer for you.

Erin Hill Acres is a 90-acre farm specializing in fresh trees, fresh products, and fresh air experiences near Toronto. Book a tour of our farm today and get the holiday spirit going this Christmas season!

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