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Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees

The holiday season is always a time for plenty of family traditions near Toronto. One of these traditions is having your own Christmas tree.

Christmas isn’t quite complete without having a real Christmas tree at home. There is just something about the smell, the ornaments, and the sparkly lights that boost the holiday spirit.

Our Christmas Trees

Evergreen trees are often referred to as Christmas trees. The Christmas tree is the centre of the holiday decor.
While mini artificial trees may still have a place at Christmas, the Canadian-grown natural Christmas tree is the preferred tree.

The smell, the texture, and the feeling of a real tree can’t be beat.

Erin Hill Acres is a fantastic place to get your tree. But this Toronto area farm is also a great place to visit with your family and friends to make memories. The farm has a large selection of beautiful pre-cut trees as well as trees that can be cut from the fields. Tree availability is on a first come basis.

Types of Christmas Trees

Blue Spruce

Also known as Colorado spruce. They are part of the pine family, with coniferous silver-blue-green needles. With its wonderful, piney smell, this hardy evergreen is an excellent choice for a Christmas tree.

Meyer Spruce

A popular accent tree with attractive blue-green hues. It has a pyramidal form, short needles, and does well in urban conditions. It is also deer-resistant and can tolerate dry conditions.

White Spruce

Native to Canada and NW America, this large evergreen is popularly used as Christmas trees. Their short, stiff needles and uniform shape make them ideal for hanging ornaments.

Norway Spruce

A large, pyramidal tree that has conifers that hang like ornaments. Its solid and upward-slanted branches are great for holding heavy ornaments. It also has pleasingly aromatic foliage.

Balsam Fir

A pyramid-shaped tree with short and flat needles that keep well. Its dark green color and strong fragrance make it a favourite among Christmas tree options. Its branches are also great for holiday wreaths and greenery.

Fraser Fir

Grown commercially for Christmas trees because of their fresh aroma and symmetrical shape. Their blue-green needles with silvery undersides are stiff and can hold ornaments well. They also have excellent needle retention.

Natural trees are the best

A natural Christmas tree is by far the better choice and the reasons go beyond December 25th.

Evergreen tree needles are full of nutrients, making them ideal as mulch or compost. While the needles are still green, clip some, store them in paper bags or sachets to make your home smell fresh all year.

100% of a real tree can be recycled and for every tree that we cut at Erin Hill Acres, we plant two more.

Choosing to buy your tree at Erin Hill Acres is good for the environment.

High-Quality Christmas Trees “Near Me”

Looking for a Christmas tree shop near Toronto? Erin Hill Acres is a 90-acre farm in Hillsburgh, Ontario, specializing in fresh trees, fresh products, and fresh air experiences.

Christmas Season

November 19th – December 20th
(Daily, 9am – 5pm)

Reservations are not required to visit the farm this christmas, however you can pre-book admission by visiting our calender of events to book your farm experience. (Admission does not guarentee tree availability. Admission is for the farm experience, wagon rides, fire pits etc. Tree availability is not guarenteed)

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