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First Time for a real tree? New to Canada?

If you have never had your own real tree before or maybe you are new to Canada and don’t know what all the excitement is about a Christmas tree. Please know that we are here for you, on line and in person.   Let’s start with some of the basics:


Having a real Christmas tree in the home during the “Holidays” is a tradition that has been cherished  by Canadians for more than 200 years. The Christmas tree is a symbol of a festive time and a celebration of family. 


A real Christmas tree is much better for the environment than an artificial tree manufactured a continent away and made of plastic and synthetics. 


The anticipation of an excursion to an authentic Christmas tree farm is exciting. People old and young, from all cultures and back grounds can’t wait to get here.  The process of selecting a real tree is nothing like shopping for an artificial tree. The hunt for a real tree is an adventure that everyone enjoys. The fresh air, the country views and time spent together are just some of the benefits of coming to our farm for a real Christmas tree. Over the years, generations of families have visited this farm to make memories and get a real tree.  Whether you buy a real tree or not, we would love it if you made a trip to Erin Hill Acres, one of your family’s new traditions.


All evergreen, coniferous trees are commonly called Christmas trees. In reality the fir tree and the spruce tree are the types of trees that are typically used as Christmas trees. Fraser fir and balsam fir, with sturdy branches and soft needles are the favourite Christmas trees. When watered regularly and in an optimal location a fir tree can last for several weeks inside the home.  Spruce trees have very sturdy branches & sharper needles. Spruce trees are popular as they usually smell really good, but they don’t last as long in the house as fir trees. 


Decorating your tree is a personal preference. There is no right or wrong way. Pretty much nothing is off the table as the saying goes ( we don’t think lit candles should go on a tree though). Our cute retail shoppe has all kinds of decorations that you might like on your tree. Tree stands are important and these are available at your local hardware store. Key thing is to have a stand that has a resivoir for water. Real Christmas trees are thirsty and to keep them fresh and happy you need to water them regularly.