Erin Hill Acres

Erin Hill Acres offers a selection of farm fresh items. In winter, fresh Christmas trees, fresh garlands and wreaths made right here on the farm.

The cute shoppe in our historic barn is full of locally made products, holiday items, handmade decorations, decor etc. Erin Hill Acres is also a Lavender Farm. Here you will find Lavender products of all kind. Great as gift items throughout the year.

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Why Choose Fresh Local Ontario Products?

In today’s online world with faceless delivery of items from the other side of the world, we think that it is important to consider that “home is where the heart is”.

The Erin Hill Acres family appreciates your patronage and purchases. Thank you for visiting our farm.

It benefits the environment

Local farms are a great way to preserve farmlands, preventing them from being used for industrial or commercial purposes. Local fresh products are typically farmed using traditional methods and require less packaging. This helps reduce the carbon footprint of the products.

It benefits local communities

Visiting local farms and buying their products creates a positive impact on your community near Toronto. The more products made available at the farm, the more jobs, and opportunities available for the locals

It benefits local farmers

Farmers work so hard and are proud of what they can produce! Choosing local fresh products supports your farmers and ensures that you can enjoy farms for years to come.

Fresh is good. Fresh is fun.

Its worth the drive to Erin Hill Acres.

Fresh Products Near Toronto you can enjoy


The smell of a natural Christmas tree makes the holidays special. Come to Erin Hill Acres this Christmas season to find your perfect tree. Our farm has been growing and selling beautiful fir and spruce trees since 1979.


Our 100% natural, fresh, farm made wreaths, garlands and boughs are the perfect accent to your home this Christmas season. These are popular and sell out quickly each year. We recommend that you order in advance, so that your custom, handmade wreath, garlands and boughs will be here for you when you visit us at the farm. (Contact us)


The lavender field at Erin Hill Acres is “blooming great”. The farm shop has an assortment of Lavender products available to purcahse.
Visit the Lavender section of our website to discover how amazing our farm is during Lavender season (June, July, August). Click here to get to the Lavender section.

Fresh Products near me

Finding local fresh products and experiences in Ontario can be one of the most fulfilling activities you can do all year long. Erin Hill Acres is a local family farm with four generations working together to grow and create fresh fun products and experiences for you and your family.

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