Erin Hill Acres

Highland Cows & Friends

Erin Hill Acres has some of the cutest creatures on the planet.

Our Highland Cows are the main characters on the farm. Fluffy faces, majestic horns and personalities like golden retrievers, our hairy cows are worth the price of admission. Watch them smile, scratch and moooo. These are natural stars for photography.

Pigmy Goats

Milk and Cookie, our two pigmy goats jump, run and entertain. They love to say hello.


With famous names like “ Hillary Fluff”, “ Hennifer Aniston” and “ Cluck Norris” you will soon discover why the Erin Hill Acres Hen House is a fan favourite.

Rainbow Trouts

Feed the trout and watch them jump. Visitors of all ages can be heard laughing as they watch the fish show at Erin Hill Acres.


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