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Landscaping Trees

Landscaping Trees

There is something about a fresh Christmas tree that makes the holiday season more festive.  You end up with a dead, needle-shedding plant that you need to dispose of.

Luckily, farms like Erin Hill Acres offer landscaping trees and shrubs that you can enjoy throughout the year. It is possible to buy trees with their roots still intact. They can briefly serve as your Christmas tree if you want, then be planted outdoors as part of your evergreen landscape. Or you can get them any other time of the year to help beautify your property.

Landscaping Trees near Toronto

Live trees provide people with a real tree option that can become part of the landscape. Live trees will keep your garden beautiful all year round.

Landscape trees are great for the environment. They help absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen for our benefit. Also, they serve as shelter for birds and other wildlife. You are able to enjoy the benefits of green tree landscaping for years to come.

Tips on How to Successfully Plant Your Trees

Many types of trees grown near Toronto make attractive landscape trees. However, you need to follow specific steps to give your tree a greater chance of surviving.

Choose the right tree for your climate and your space. Different types of trees thrive in different climate zones. It is best to ask your tree farmers near Toronto which one is best for your location.

You should also know how big the tree will grow. You may purchase a tree that’s 4-6ft tall, but it may grow much higher. Make sure the landscaping around the trees has enough space to accommodate growth.

Dig your soil before it freezes if you’re planning on bringing in your tree during the winter season. Save the soil and mix it with compost to improve it. Cover the hole until you’re ready to plant. This way, you have healthy soil saved and no trouble digging up the frozen ground.

If you’ve kept the tree indoors at all, be sure to transition your trees from inside to the outdoors. The dry, indoor climate of your home can affect how your tree survives. Acclimate your tree by moving it to a protected area for a few days before planting it outdoors with other landscape shrubs.

Landscape Plants in the Spring and Summer

Did you know that you don’t have to wait for winter to get your own outdoor “Christmas tree”? Landscaping tree farms offer pine trees (and other options) for replanting all year round.

Add firs and pines around your home and create a lush, green space for your family and local wildlife to enjoy.

Local Tree Farms “Near Me”

Landscape trees are great for adding more greenery to your yard at all times of the year. If you are looking for lush, green landscape trees, Erin Hill Acres can help you out! We sell trees with the root balls still intact, packed, and ready to transport.

To learn more about our available tree selection or schedule a visit to our Toronto farm!

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