Cut Your Own Lavender


Escape to the fresh air and tranquility of Erin Hill Acres. Reminiscent of Southern France , our picturesque lavender fields have been called a work of art. 

Cutting your own Bouquets of fresh lavender is a fragrant & fantastic experience. 

Enjoy this solo or as a fun activity with family and friends. Hop on the wagon for a farm tour. Or stroll at your leisure.

The Process

1. Purchase admission on line.
2. Upon arrival ,check in at The Shoppe to buy your lavender vessels , to recieve cutting instructions and to borrow sanitized scissors.
3. Enjoy time on the farm. Cut Your Own Lavender
4. Bring your Bouquets to The Shoppe to be wrapped and to return the scissors.

Cut your own lavender Bouquets $12 per bundle. Save $2 / bundle when you purchase 8 or more bundles.