The farm is open June 16th to December 22nd, Thursday to Sunday from 9am to 5pm

Summer Fresh Air Experiences

Summer is that particular time of year when families spend their days enjoying the fresh air and bonding with one another in the great outdoors.

There is no better season to explore Erin Hill Acres than when the bees buzz around the crops and the hay is warm enough to sleep on.

Feel the buzz and noise of the city drift away as the sights, smells, and sounds of farm life fill your senses and help all that tension drift away.

We’ve picked a few of our personal favourite “fresh air” activities for you: 


Summer doesn’t only bring warm sunny days. It also brings all types of lavender in full bloom! Enjoy a trip to Erin Hill Acres, where you can walk around our trail of lavender fields. 

Bask in the warm summer sun while breathing in the fragrant, calming scent of lavender all around. Visiting a lavender park can be one of the dreamiest and most relaxing things you can do in Ontario.

What kind of lavender, you ask? Why Hidcote Lavender, of course. It contains so many exceptional properties we couldn’t help but grow it in our fields. Here are just a few of its great uses: 

If you and your family are looking to wade your way through our dazzling sea of lavender? Contact us today to learn more about our farm and the different activities and attractions in store for you! 

Walking Trails

Ontario is home to the most stunning rustic farmland in the country, and nowhere is this put on a grander display than at our very own Erin Hill Acres farm in Hillsburgh. We are blessed that our land has given way to many walking trails for residents in the GTA, including Halton and Wellington County, to enjoy. 

Trails are a fantastic way to explore the outdoors. Going out for regular walks surrounded by nature is a fresh air experience with plenty of benefits and makes for some great photo opportunities.

Erin Hill Acres has trails that you and your family can have fun exploring! Our 90-acre farm has a lot to offer; contact us today to learn more. 


Whether it is for a special occasion or just a sudden urge to get away, a visit to a sunflower farm is a beautiful way to create new memories. 

Something about that sea of yellow petals makes the children smile. No matter how much the times change, that look upon their face will always stay the same!

Sunflowers thrive in sunny weather, and you will not believe how many varieties we have planted at our farm: 

You will have to drop by and see for yourself at Erin Hill Acres in Hillsburgh, Ontario!