Erin Hill Acres

Summer Fresh Air Experiences

Summer brings warm sunny days is that particular time of year when families spend their days enjoying the fresh air and bonding with one another in the great outdoors.

A visit to Erin Hill Acres will help reduce the tension and stress of everyday life.


Summer brings warm sunny days. It also brings all types of lavender in full bloom! Enjoy a trip to Erin Hill Acres, where you can walk through fields of lavender.

Bask in the warm summer sun while breathing in the fragrant, calming scent of lavender. A visit to Erin Hill Acres Lavender fields can be one of the dreamiest and most relaxing things you can do in Ontario.

Erin Hill Acres has many varieties of Lavender. Our picturesque fields have been called works of art.

Join us in the celebration of all things Lavender from June through August.

Erin Hill Acres will be offering U-CUT experiences in 2023! 

Gather your group of friends to enjoy the beautiful sights, sounds and smells of our lavender fields. Erin Hill Acres is one of the few lavender farms in Ontario that invites the public to cut their own bouquet. Visitors enjoy our informative, educational and fun lavender tours.

Visit our calender of events to book your Lavender Farm Experience.

Walking Trails

Erin Hill Acres has beautiful rolling hills. Our fields, forests and trails are a great place to enjoy time in the great outdoors.  

Trails are a fantastic way to explore the outdoors. Going out for regular walks surrounded by nature is a fresh air experience with plenty of benefits and makes for some great photo opportunities.

Erin Hill Acres has trails that you and your family can have fun exploring! Our 90+ acre farm has a lot to offer; contact us today to learn more. 


The sunflower fields at Erin Hill Acres are simply magical. We create some of the best sunflower photo opportunities in the world. A visit to our sunflower fields should not be missed. We focus on quality photo opportunities and Instagrammable setups.

Have you ever seen a baby grand piano in a sunflower field ? The creative minds at Erin Hill Acres will surprise you with the perfect photo opportunities.

Visit our calender of events for information about our sunflower festival.