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Fresh Trees

There is nothing quite like the look and smell of fresh-cut trees during the holiday season. The piney smell, colorful ornaments, and string lights create the magic of Christmas.

If you are searching for fresh trees “near me,” look no further. Erin Hill Acres offers a wide variety of trees to choose from. Whether you need Christmas trees for home décor or landscaping trees near Toronto, we have options for you!

Stop and Smell the Fresh Trees!

Taking the entire family along to pick out a real Christmas tree has been a longstanding tradition for many. There is just something about going through rows of trees and choosing the best one that fits your Toronto home and will help make your Christmas perfect!

At Erin Hill Acres, we have the finest spruces and firs available in different heights and sizes. Our hardy evergreens are fragrant and have excellent needle retention. We will shake and pack your tree of choice to take home.

Our tree farm near Toronto offers the following varieties:

Landscaping Trees

Landscaping trees are live trees that you can buy with the root ball still intact. They’re an excellent option if you want trees that you can enjoy all year.

These trees are popular in climates where it gets colder because they keep some green in your landscape year-round. They’re especially popular for celebrating the holidays; some people even like to decorate their landscaping tree when that time of year comes around. Once the holidays and cold, dreary days are over, they’ll still add beauty to your outdoor landscape.

This option makes the cost of fresh trees worthwhile. You get to enjoy a wonderful, fragrant tree all year-round when you plant it outside.

Benefits of Choosing Fresh Trees

Every holiday season, people near Toronto are faced with the decision to buy a natural or artificial Christmas tree. Artificial trees can have their benefits. It’s a one-time purchase that can be reused for years. There is no need to water and maintain them throughout the holidays.

However, there is something about fresh trees that make Christmas seem all the more special. More than the familiar holiday scent is the atmosphere a living evergreen brings to any home.

Live trees are also sourced from local fresh tree farms. After bringing joy to our homes, they can also be turned into compost or repurposed however you see fit.

Tree Farms “Near Me”

Whether you buy natural trees online or visit a local Christmas tree farm, getting a fresh tree for your home is one of the best decisions you can make. If you are looking for a local farm near Toronto, visit Erin Hill Acres today!

We offer a variety of fresh trees and shrubs that are sure to make your holiday season more festive. Enjoy an afternoon at the farm, picking out a tree while making memories with your family and friends.

Get in touch with us today for more information or book a visit to our farm!
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